Silver Ion Antibacterial Masterbatch
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  • HB104-Silver Ion Antibacterial Masterbatch Chemical structure

    Structure formula: MX2/NO.AL2O3.YSiO2.ZH2OM1 Ag, Na ion  X,Y,Z shows the molar ratio of all elements

    HB104-Silver Ion Antibacterial Masterbatch Key property

    The antibacterial strength of antibacterial agent towards the bacteria is judged by the minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC value) needed to block the microbial development and growth. MIC for HB104 antibiotic constituents shows as below


    Antibiotic constituents possess both antibacterial and deodorization function at the same time if they contain ions like Ag, Zn and so on in structure.


    The recommended additive amount of HB104 is 4%

    HB104-Silver Ion Antibacterial Masterbatch Application area

    HB104 is widely used in fields like appliance products, synthetic fiber, food packaging material, household articles, bathroom accessories, building materials, office supplies and so on and is suitable for PE, PP, PS, ABS, PET, PBT resin. The antibacterial property does not change if the molding temperature is at about 200-300℃.

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