Efficient Organic Antibacterial Masterbatch
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  • HB104F-Efficient Organic Antibacterial Masterbatch Antibacterial activity

    The antibacterial strength of antibacterial agent is judged by the minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC value) needed to block the microbial development and growth. MIC for HB104F antibiotic constituents shows as below


    HB104F-Efficient Organic Antibacterial Masterbatch Characteristics and application

    HB104F, a broad spectrum fungicide, whose active constituent is organic zinc, is applied to protect plastic polymers from bacteria, mycete and alga and provide with the effect of plastic surface antibiosis.

    Commonly the recommended additive amount of HB104F is 1-2% of the total weight, but it is suggested that the best amount be determined by experiments under actual condition.

    HB104F is widely applied in field like home appliances (humidifier, water dispenser), automobile parts (seat cushion, gasket), bath curtain fabric coating(raincoat, tent), household articles(washing machine, refrigerator liner), bathroom accessories (toilet lid board, refrigerator), building materials(wall paper, floor board, sealant, gap filling glue), antibacterial coating, etc.

    HB104F is suitable for resin of PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PU, Silica Matrix, PET, etc


    HB104F conforms to a variety of rules and announcements, such as American EPA FIFRA, EU EINECS/ELINCS, Australia ACOIN, Japanese ENCS, Korean KOREAN INVENTORY, etc

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