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  • HB105-High Temperature Foaming Masterbatch Key properties

    It is a sort of modified azoic compound foaming agent with superior performance in wide use which is mainly applied to rubber and thermoplastic plastics. It is high temperature foaming agent with its foaming uniform and fine and is suitable for PP, ABS, HIPS thick-walled products of to lose weight, avoid shrinkage and shorten the molding cycle since.

    Short foaming time & high gas evolution

    Uniform and fine bubble hole & smooth surface and good gloss

    HB105-High Temperature Foaming Masterbatch Technical index


    HB105-High Temperature Foaming Masterbatch Technological requirements

    The better the plastic’s fluidity is, the better the foaming is.

    The lower the injection molding pressure is, the bigger the foaming ratio is. If the normal injection pressure is 100kg, it should be lower to 50kg when foams and the packing pressure should also be reduced to half.

    The higher the injection temperature is, the bigger the foaming ratio is, but the surface is not smooth.

    The temperature should be a bit lower if the plastic liquidity is high.

    The faster the injection is, the better.

    The shorter the injection time is, the better since the gas would leak out if the time is too long.

    The big gate should be adopted for the mould since gas would affect the appearance quality when adopting point gate.

    The recommended additive amount is 0.5-2%

    The bubble dispersion would be better and cooling time could be shortened by 50%-80% if 1-2% HB101 is added in PP.

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