F-35  Biax-Orientation Nylon6 BOPA Aperture Additive
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  • F-35  Biax-Orientation Nylon6 (BOPA) Aperture Additive Characteristics

    ○Additive amount1.5-5% in BOPA film, and the additive amount should be adjusted according to the air humidity and printing requirements;

    ○There is efficient nucleation component in F-35 which could make the crystalline of nylon6 tiny and uniform and prevent the formation of large spherulites, thus eliminating the rupture of membranes as spherulites become the hard spot in biaxial;

    ○F-35 contains effective heat stability component which could avoid the formation of film defects like  rupture, fisheye and spot caused by a few oligomers and polymer gels whose heat stability are poor in the biaxial stretching process;

    ○F-35 contains ultra-fine anti-adhesion components which arouse the film surface to form asperity to prevent the adhesion between films when in storage;

    ○Apart from improving opening property of film remarkably,  F-35 could improve its uniformity and glossiness since there is effective smooth component in F-35.

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