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  • HB701-Light Diffusion Masterbatch

    1、It is spherical fine powder light diffusion master batch of high efficient and multifunctional silicone resin. It could be applied to transparent polymer system like PC, PS, MS, PMMA, especially PC with its excellent heat resistance property (>400℃), good dispersibility and no yellowing.

    2、With excellent light diffusion effect, it reduces dazzle light, keeps good balance of high transmittance and high light diffusion and achieves the transmittance and non-transparent effects preferably.

    3、The general additive amount is 25% and could be adjusted flexibly based on product practical application, thickness, surface treatment and other requirements.

    4、Compared with inorganic light diffusion agent, it is better in features of diffusion efficiency, compatibility with matrix resin, dispersion, hydrophobicity, balance of translucency and light uniformity, low density and low water absorption.

    5、Compared to traditional acrylic light diffusion agent, it has advantages of high light diffusion efficiency, low additive amount, excellent heat resistance, high brightness and keeping ideal light transmittance.

    6、It helps the product with better heat resistance and high temperature resistance and the tubes, light box, lampshade using it has longer service life, higher light diffusion efficiency and lower additive amount when comparing with silicone modified polyacrylate light diffusion agent.

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