Masterbatch, antiflaming additive,nucleating agent,film functional masterbatch,film additive,plastic attitive
Masterbatch, antiflaming additive,nucleating agent,film functional masterbatch,film additive,plastic attitive

 Foshan Shunde Huabiao Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd(Huabiao Plastics for short)is an enterprise specializing in the research, manufacture and sales of plastic additives,functional master batches and special modified plastics.It is located at Shunde which is in the middle of the Pearl River Delta,north of Guangzhou and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao.Huabiao Plastics has leading professional development level and production capacity with advanced production equipment and extrusion production line in this field, working with high level professional R & D team from Sichuan University macro-molecule specialty,meanwhile it has engaged in extensive technological exchanges and strategic cooperation with numbers of colleges, universities and research institutions in China and also with large chemical industry groups from overseas.

      Foshan Huayi Rubber and Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd (Huayi for short), as the subsidiary of Huabiao Plastics, mainly provides formulation design and auxiliary supply to petrochemical plant  upstream, and also manufactures a series of functional master batches. Huayi’s annual production output reached amount 7600 tons by the second half of year 2016.

    F-MABTIC (HK) Co.,Ltd. is the International Trade Center of Foshan Shunde Huabiao Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.,expanding overseas business in all - round way .
    All products of Huabiao Plastics have obtained SGS and TUV certification in line with the environmental protection requirements in EU ROHS and REACH.The products which are applied to the household electrical appliances and food packaging industry have gained American FDA certification and Plasticizers Testing certification.Product quality assurance system reaches international standards and provides a strong guarantee for the stable improvement of product quality through professional high efficiency management procedure and service flow.

    Huabiao Plastics not only provides high quality and high performance products to customers but also offers strong technical support and professional service in a high efficiency and high standard way.
    Huabiao Plastics has established a stable cooperation with suppliers such as MILLKEN,BASF,CRODA,Clariant and DOW, also a long-term relationship with clients that are CNOOC, CNPC, Midea, Donlim Kitchen Group, Zhongfu Group, Wahaha Group, Deguan Group, Mito Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.and so on.
    Huabiao Plastics is able to create high value for your business with professional, innovative and all-round technology and also with cost-effective functional products.

Foshan Shunde Huabiao Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.,founded in 2008,introduced superior functional master batch production lines and put into production after years of development. Huabiao Plastics business focus on the household electrical appliances and injection industry customers in the Pearl River Delta and successfully becomes a qualified supplier in Midea Supplier System.

In 2010,Huabiao Plastics products were successfully applied to food packaging industry and improved the transparency, surface brightness and barrier property of CPP casting film, PE protection film and PP sheet, meanwhile, eliminated the "water" flow mark and reduced crystallizing point on the films and sheet surface to improve production efficiency and product quality then Huabiao Plastics has been widely recognized by customers in the field of food plastic packaging.

In 2012, Huabiao Plastics set up overseas sales department and opened up overseas markets in order to provide Huabiao Plastics’ high quality products and professional technology service to the customers all round the world.

In 2009, Huabiao Plastics applied the size setting master batches to a successful promotion of beverage bottle cap industry and made achievements such as improvement in bottle cap production efficiency, solution in under size problem of beverage bottle cap with some colors and made the cap size more stable in order to improve the leak tightness of bottle cap.Therefore, Huabiao Plastics has been widely recognized by customers from beverage packaging industry and become qualified supplier of CSI, Zhongfu Group and Essel.

In 2011,Foshan Shunde Huabiao Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.changed its name into Foshan Shunde Huabiao Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.with establishment of R & D Center for plastic packaging materials to develop more high-quality materials and additives for this field.

In 2014,F-MABTIC(HK) Co.,Ltd.,as international trade center of Huabiao Plastics,was founded and began to develop international business in an all-round way.Foshan Huayi Plastic Technology Co, plastic additive production base, was established and provides high quality plastic additives to petrol - chemical system customers in Greater China region.

In 2016,high temperature resistant & durable slipping master batch for film and sheet was the first promoted and could replace the international famous brands in transparency,performance and stability of products, providing to customers more cost - effective and key additives.transparent,strengthening & toughening mater batch was first developed and widely applied in the fields of film,sheet,pipe and injection moulding,providing the good balance of rigidity and toughness for customer products.

In 2013, Huabiao Plastics worked out BOPA multifunctional aperture master batches and plastic laser marking additive successfully which can replace the international famous brands in performance and stability with low cost and low price.

In 2015, high efficiency & non-halogen antiflaming master batch was the first developed and successfully applied to the fields which need high quality and high requirements such as PP sheet, film and fibre,providing wider market application and higher value-added products for customer products.