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[Competition status and development trend of modified plastics industry in 2019]
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In 2018, as international chemical giants suffered force majeure, Sino-US trade frictions, domestic environmental protection became stricter, and the import of waste plastics was banned, resulting in a sharp rise in raw material costs and a slowdown in exports. At the same time, it was subject to the “restricted plasticity” new policy and the production and sales of home appliances/automobiles. The growth rate of the domestic modified plastics industry is difficult to be optimistic due to factors such as the slowdown in growth.

Overall, China's modified plastics industry has experienced rapid development in more than a decade, and the low-end and mid-end markets are gradually showing overcapacity. In 2018, the newly added capacity of modified plastics was less. At the same time, due to the slowdown in the production and sales of home appliances and automobiles, the downstream demand market performed poorly. In 2018, the domestic production of modified plastics was 17.83 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%, and the modification rate was 20.8%.

The downstream applications of modified plastics mainly include household appliances, automobiles, office equipment, electronic and electrical tools, and electric tools. Among them, home appliances and automobiles are the main application areas, accounting for 37% and 23% respectively. The policy of “plasticizing and replacing wood” is continuously promoted, and the performance of modified plastics is continuously enhanced and improved. The downstream demand field of modified plastics will be more extensive in the future.

Despite the slowdown in the production and sales of automobiles and home appliances in recent years, the use of lightweight vehicles and the use of home appliance modified plastics has increased, and there is still room for growth in the demand market.

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