[Hua Biao offers gifts to the motherland | Autumn is a good day, and the country is prosperous!]
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Great history / magnificent 70 years

When the years quietly turn around the ring, the National Day songs ring with the voices of hundreds of millions of people;

When the sun ignites the flame of life, the five-star red flag rises slowly above the eastern dragon!



In the past 70 years, the rooster of China’s first singer
Silent silence

In the past 70 years, China’s dragons have soared
The times of the times

In the past 70 years, China’s lions are infinite
Dancing the charm of China


Huabiao Plastic / National Day Message

The red star is shining and cheering, and the Chinese dream is happy.

In this festive season, Huabiao Plastics wishes

May the motherland flourish

May the people live and work in peace and contentment

May our motherland be more prosperous and strong!

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