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[Statement on meltblown cloth modified materials]
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The "polypropylene meltblown special material" independently developed by Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. in Shunde District of Foshan City is of high quality and stable quality, and is widely praised by users everywhere. Recently, users reported that fake and inferior products that counterfeit our "polypropylene meltblown material" have been found on the market, which has caused a bad influence on our reputation and seriously damaged the interests of users.

Foshan Shunde District Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) solemnly declares:

1. The products produced by our company are only sold to melt-blown fabric manufacturers, and we have not cooperated with any distribution agents. If anyone claims to be our agent ’s distributor, the polypropylene melt-blown special materials sold by them will be regarded as fake and inferior products. ;

2. The special polypropylene melt-blown material produced by our company has unique particle shape, size and color. In the international third-party certification body, it has made conformity certification according to the national standard of polypropylene melt-blown material and issued a certification report;

3. The polypropylene meltblown special materials sold by our company have unique digital markings on the packaging. If there is no digital marking on the packaging, all are regarded as fake and shoddy products;

4. For counterfeit and shoddy products that have been circulating in the market, our company will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility through local law enforcement departments. At the same time, users are welcome to supervise and report the above-mentioned illegal acts. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

Shunde District of Foshan City Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

May 6, 2020

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