[Huabiao Plastic · Mother's Day | To pay tribute to mother, let love freeze time]
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There is a love great and ordinary
Like the rain in spring, it looks like a breeze
Have a selfless and broad
Continuous and profound friendship
This is maternal love


In the temple where many people remember
Mother has always been our faithful backing

When I was young, I wanted to snuggle up in the arms of my mother.

Whether it is thunder and lightning in that embrace
It ’s still a storm, no fear

When I grow up, I will be tolerated by my mother
Even if you are laughed at, you will get encouragement from your mother


Huabiao Plastic · Mother's Day Message

Mother is the wind, she is meticulous
Mother is rain, she is silent
Let us in this fragrant May
Say love to mother

Huabiao Plastic wishes here:
All mothers in the world are healthy and happy!

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