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[How does PP transparent masterbatch help plastic production?]
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How does PP transparent masterbatchhelp plastic production?

1. The PP transparent masterbatch has a large amount of addition, the hue is bright, and it has certain transparent properties. The products are bright and transparent with the wax-like luster through the role of the masterbatch;

2. PP transparent masterbatch can improve processing performance, improve flow and dispersion performance;

3. PP transparent masterbatch can improve the wear resistance and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, impact strength, bending strength, elongation at break;

4. PP transparent masterbatch can improve the thermal performance of plastic products, such as: increase the heat deformation temperature, thermal conductivity and flame resistance;

5. PP transparent masterbatch can reduce the thermal expansion coefficient and specific heat, and improve the molding performance;

6. PP transparent masterbatch can promote the nucleation of the polymer during crystallization, increase the stiffness and hardness at high temperature, and enable the product to be taken out of the abrasive tool at a higher temperature to shorten the molding cycle;

7. Improve toughness and creep resistance. The embryo body shrinks after drying, resists deformation, does not crack, and the product size is stable.

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