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[Dynamic analysis of the operation of the modified plastics industry!]
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Dynamic analysis of the operation of the modified plastics industry!

1. In the first half of the year, the modified plastics industry, driven by the demand for anti-epidemic materials, saw a substantial increase in overall performance.

Judging from the reasons for the performance growth announced by various companies, it is mainly due to the impact of the global epidemic in the first half of the year, which led to an outbreak of demand for materials related to epidemic prevention materials in a short period of time, especially the modification of melt blown materials and high melt index fiber materials. The market demand for PP has greatly increased.

2. The downstream demand of the modified plastics industry began to be gradually repaired in Q2, and the demand for automotive plastics improved. The domestic epidemic has been well controlled, and the downstream industries of modified plastics have basically resumed normal production.

As the traditional downstream industries of home appliances and automobiles in the modified plastics industry, the production situation was obviously affected by the epidemic in Q1, but the output of home appliances and automobiles in Q2 is gradually returning to normal levels year-on-year.

3. The localization of materials related to the new 5G infrastructure and the electronics industry chain has promoted continuous breakthroughs in the modified plastics industry towards high-end products.

The rapid development of the domestic science and technology industry chain has driven the rapid growth of the demand for core materials related to the industry chain, and at the same time promoted the acceleration of the localization of new materials.

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