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[What functions does the functional masterbatch have?]
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What functions does the functional masterbatch have?

The role of functional masterbatch:

Cooling masterbatch: Mainly used for PP, it can lower the temperature by 30-50 degrees;

Brightening masterbatch: Brightening masterbatch is also called bright masterbatch, the purpose is to improve the brightness of the product, its main brightener is ethylene bis-stearamide, the amount of single color masterbatch is 20%-30%, in the product It is 0.2%-0.3%, too much will affect the printing effect of the product. During the production of the reinforced masterbatch, sometimes the material is easy to accumulate in the discharge opening, which is mainly caused by the air entrained by the talc powder. During the production, it should be heated and stirred to melt the wax, wet the lubricating stone powder or add white mineral oil.

Moisture-absorbing and defoaming masterbatch: The moisture-absorbing and defoaming masterbatch can mainly remove the water content and unknown low-molecular volatiles in the plastic, so that the plastic product has no water splash and no bubbles, so that the drying process can be reduced while ensuring the quality of the product.

Flame-retardant masterbatch: Flame-retardant masterbatch is mainly used for flame-retardant modification occasions.

Foaming masterbatch: Foaming masterbatch is often used in PE, PP, EVA, etc.

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