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[Policies support the modified plastics industry!]
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Policies strongly support the development of the modified plastics industry!

In recent years, the competent government departments have issued a series of industrial policies to encourage the development of the polymer modified materials industry. The "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan proposes to conform to the development trend of high-performance, multi-functional and green new materials, promote the sustainable development of characteristic resources and new materials, strengthen the layout of cutting-edge materials, and develop strategically Guided by the needs of industries and major projects, optimize the industrialization and application environment of new materials, strengthen the construction of new materials standard systems, improve the application level of new materials, and promote the integration of new materials into the high-end manufacturing supply chain.

Therefore, as a key encouragement and development industry, polymer modified materials have been supported by a number of industrial policies in recent years, which is conducive to the overall development of the industry.

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