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[Modified plastic industry analysis!]
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Market concentration analysis of modified plastics industry!

Overall, the market concentration of the modified plastics industry is not high. From the perspective of the output of various companies, the CR5 market in the modified plastics operating market will account for 12.62% in 2020, mainly because the modified plastics process is short and Simple. At present, the original formula market of some general-purpose large-variety modified plastics is open, so more manufacturers enter.

The core of the competitiveness of modified plastic products lies in the formula. In the design of the formula, slight changes in the ratio of raw materials and modified additives will cause greater fluctuations in product performance indicators.

Therefore, the modified plastic technology and capital barriers in the fields of automobiles and precision instruments are relatively high, while the technical barriers of modified plastics applied in packaging, office supplies, tableware and other fields are relatively low.

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