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[What properties can functional masterbatches change plastics?]
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What properties can functional masterbatches change plastics?

1. functional masterbatch can improve the performance of plastic molding

Such as cooling masterbatch to reduce the molding temperature; smooth masterbatch to facilitate the release of injection molded parts; Operation, and improve the quality of the product, but also improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

2. functional masterbatch can improve the physical and chemical properties of plastics

For example, anti-oxidative masterbatches that improve heat aging and inhibit yellowing of the color of parts; anti-aging masterbatches that improve the weather resistance of finished parts; toughening masterbatches that improve the mechanical properties of molded parts; smooth masterbatches that reduce the surface friction coefficient of molded parts Granules; opening masterbatches to reduce the opening torque of the bottle cap, etc.

3. functional masterbatch can increase product application function

Such as antistatic masterbatch to reduce the surface resistance of molded parts; flame retardant masterbatch to improve the fire resistance of the material; antibacterial masterbatch to increase the anti-microbial attack of plastic; Masterbatch; degradable masterbatch to reduce plastic pollution; anti-fog masterbatch to reduce fogging on the inner surface of food packaging film, etc.

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