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[The use of Huabiao functional masterbatch!]
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The use of Huabiao functional masterbatch!

1. Application of functional masterbatch in plastics industry

In plastics production, functional masterbatchs are widely used to improve the characteristics and properties of plastics. For example, under high temperature conditions, plastics tend to become brittle, and the use of heat-stabilized masterbatches can effectively improve this situation. In addition, functional masterbatches can also be used to improve the UV resistance of plastics, improve wear resistance and increase electrical conductivity.

2. Application of functional masterbatch in rubber industry

In rubber production, functional masterbatchs are widely used to improve the properties of rubber. For example, when making tires, rubber must have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance to be used for a long time. The use of anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet masterbatches can effectively improve the weather resistance and durability of rubber.

3. Application of functional masterbatch in other fields

In addition to the plastics and rubber industries, functional masterbatches are also widely used in other fields. For example, in food and pharmaceutical packaging, the addition of functional masterbatches can prevent negative effects in the process of food and pharmaceutical contact with packaging materials. In the manufacturing of building materials, functional masterbatches can improve the performance of materials and improve the quality of building materials.

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