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[Huaibao Plastics invites you to meet 2024 China (Fujian) functional film and flexible packaging industry chain exchange Matchmaking!]
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From March 31 to April 2, 2024 China Functional Film and flexible packaging industry Chain Exchange Matchmaking Conference will be held at the Juntai Hotel in Xiamen, Fujian. At that time, Foshan Shunde District Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. will appear in the exchange matchmaking meeting, and the industry's big masters, experts and scholars to discuss the development trend and application prospects of the industry, to promote the innovation and sustainable development of the industry.

The theme of this meeting is to promote the in-depth exchange and integration of the upstream and downstream industry chains of film packaging, leading the green, healthy and orderly development of the industry.


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The event also provided an opportunity to communicate with industry experts and peers, gathering film manufacturers across the country to share technical experience and explore business cooperation. In addition, there will be opportunities to learn about cutting-edge industry innovation technologies and expand business areas.


March 31 - April 2, 2024

Report on March 31st, full day meeting on April 1st,

Visit in the morning and investigate in the afternoon on April 2

The meeting will be closed on April 3


Fujian. Xiamen. Juntai Hotel (1459 Wenxing West Road, Qianpu, Siming District, Xiamen)



As a professional engaged in plastic additives, plastic masterbatch, special modified plastics research and development, production and sales of professional technology enterprises. Foshan Shunde Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has the industry's advanced production equipment and extrusion production line, has the core innovation technology and professional production level.

The warm breeze of spring brings us a new starting point full of hope. Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has also frequently heard good news recently, enabling future breakthroughs:

1, 2024 Huabiao Plastic Technology "Film Master Annual Meeting" was successfully held in the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials of Sichuan University.


2, Huabiao plastic spring production is busy, horsepower is full, quality and quantity guarantee period delivery.

3. Huabiao Plastics overseas Marketing sales center began delivery and operation.

4, Huabiao Plastics and polymer materials State Key Laboratory cooperation of a number of new products to the market.

5, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Sanli Company functional melt-blown cloth modified materials in Huabiao plastic trial production success.

6, Huabiao plastic professional sales engineer team troops divided into three ways to serve domestic and foreign customers.

7, Huabiao Plastic to participate in Xiamen professional forum exchange will look forward to in-depth professional exchanges with downstream customers.

March 31 - April 2

Meet us in Xiamen, Fujian

Huabao Plastic Technology Co., LTD

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