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[The plastic products industry is in the stage of rising development!]
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The plastic products industry is in the stage of rising development!

In recent years, China's plastic products industry has developed rapidly, and many new materials and new technologies have emerged. For example, the application range of plastic modified materials, engineering plastics, plastic alloys and plastic composite materials in automobiles, aircraft, high-speed rail, electronic appliances, information, medical and agricultural fields continues to expand.

The plastic products industry will continue to grow, with the gradual transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, the proportion of high-end products gradually increases the basic supporting service functions continue to improve, the production of plastic products continues to grow, the market space is still large, the output value can maintain a high growth rate, and the basic application fields that meet the general needs of society maintain steady growth. The gradual strengthening of the high-end application field can be seen that the plastic products industry is still in the rising stage of development, and the transformation and upgrading are steadily advancing.

With the continuous improvement of other plastics industry technology, it also promotes the continuous improvement and optimization of comprehensive performance, and the product has been used in a higher level of field.

It can be seen above that thanks to the upward industrial trend and the growth of market supply, the future prosperity of other plastic products industry will be higher and higher.

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