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[The development of plastic processing industry is steadily increasing!]
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The development of plastic processing industry is steadily increasing!

According to the data, in 2023, the national plastic products industry summary statistics enterprises to complete production of 74.885 million tons, an increase of 3.0%, there is still potential to rise.

The industry as a whole is developing in the direction of functional, lightweight, precision, ecological and intelligent "five" innovation, capacity utilization continues to improve, and the digital transformation process is accelerating. China's plastic processing industry has shown a steady growth and gradual development trend, the market size of China's plastic processing industry will be stable and good, and the production and consumption of plastic products will maintain a relatively steady growth.

The plastics industry will continue to maintain stable growth. It is worth noting that because the entire industry is still in the rising stage, in the face of various potential adjustments, it is also necessary to speed up the optimization of industrial structure, strive for innovation, seize the "window period" of transformation and upgrading, and promote green and sustainable development.

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