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[Functional masterbatch some common sense!]
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Functional masterbatch some common sense!

Functional masterbatch is a masterbatch product that can give a product a special function or performance. According to the function of the product, it can be divided into anti-static masterbatch, anti-adhesion masterbatch, smooth masterbatch, dull masterbatch (granules), flame retardant masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, weather resistant masterbatch, degradation masterbatch, anti-fogging masterbatch, imitation wood grain masterbatch, foaming masterbatch, strengthening masterbatch, toughening masterbatch and multi-functional combination masterbatch.

Functional masterbatch refers to the concentrate of various plastic additives, and the direct addition of additives is not easy to disperse, and the use efficiency is not high, so it is often added in the form of masterbatch.

Usually we say that the Functional masterbatchh generally refers to: filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, stabilization (anti-aging) masterbatch, degradation masterbatch, anti-drip fog masterbatch, anti-static masterbatch, foaming masterbatch, multi-functional masterbatch and so on.

The composition of different plastic masterbatches varies, but it is basically composed of four layers: the inner layer is the masterbatch core; The secondary inner layer is the coupling layer, the secondary outer layer is the dispersion layer, and the outer layer is the mixing layer.

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