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[Plastic products industry Overview!]
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Plastic products industry Overview!

With the progress of science and technology and the development of human civilization, plastic products have penetrated into all aspects of our lives, from daily necessities to high-tech products, plastic products are everywhere.

Plastic products, as a general term for all kinds of life and industrial supplies made of plastic as the core raw materials, cover products made of injection molding, blister and other processes.

Plastics can be divided into general plastics, engineering plastics and special plastics, of which general plastics as an important part of the plastics industry, the output of general plastics in 2022 accounted for 90% of the total output. With the stable development of the domestic economy and the continuous upgrading of the industrial structure, the demand for plastic products in various fields has risen, especially in the packaging, construction and home appliance industries. Driven by market demand, China's plastics industry has developed rapidly, and the output of plastic products has jumped to the forefront of the world, becoming one of the largest producers of plastic products in the world.

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