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[Functional masterbatch some common sense!]
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Functional masterbatch some common sense!

Functional masterbatch is a kind of special material, mainly through the control and adjustment of various physical properties in the processing and manufacturing process to enhance the specific performance of the material, so as to achieve specific purposes and application effects. Functional masterbatch has a variety of performance advantages, such as mechanical properties, electrical properties, optical properties, thermal stability, etc., widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, automobiles, electrical appliances, medical and other fields.

There are many classification ways of Functional masterbatch, according to the application field, processing form and performance characteristics, can be divided into electronic masterbatch, photoelectric masterbatch, automotive masterbatch, electrical masterbatch and medical masterbatch. The composition of the Functional masterbatch includes carrier resin, filler and various auxiliaries, which are mixed by specific processing technology to form polymer auxiliaries with specific functions.

When using the Functional masterbatch, it is necessary to pay attention to proportional incorporation, select the appropriate processing method, control the processing parameters, and pay attention to safety protection. At the same time, when selecting the functional masterbatch, priority should be given to the products of regular manufacturers, the appropriate masterbatch type should be selected according to the needs, and attention should be paid to the storage environment and standardized use.

The advantages of Functional masterbatch include simplifying production process, increasing production efficiency, improving product performance and reducing environmental pollution. Specific application scenarios include improved high temperature and UV resistance in the plastics industry, improved oxidation and wear resistance in the rubber industry, and anti-bacterial and anti-fogging in food and pharmaceutical packaging .

In general, Functional masterbatch is a multi-functional material with a wide range of applications, which can be used to improve product performance, protect product quality, improve production efficiency and so on. With the continuous progress of science and technology, Functional masterbatch will play an important role in more fields

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