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[Huabiao weather masterbatch - Source manufacturer!]
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Huabiao weather masterbatch - Source manufacturer!

First of all, weatherproof masterbatch is an additive that can improve the weatherability of plastic products. Plastic products in the outdoor environment are susceptible to ultraviolet light, oxygen, moisture and other factors, resulting in color fading, surface cracking, mechanical properties decline and other problems. The role of weather-resistant masterbatch is to inhibit the erosion of oxygen and moisture by absorbing, reflecting or dispersing ultraviolet light, thereby extending the service life of plastic products.

Secondly, weather-resistant masterbatch is widely used in various fields. For example, plastic doors and Windows in the construction industry, roof tiles, etc. : body exterior trim in the automotive industry, car lights, etc. : TV housings in the home appliance industry, air conditioning housings, etc. These products need to have good weather resistance to adapt to a variety of harsh climatic conditions.

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