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[The plastics industry has broad market prospects!]
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The plastics industry has broad market prospects!

The plastics industry is an important part of the new chemical materials industry, and it is also a field with more vitality and development potential. With the support of national policies and the growth of demand in downstream industries, the plastics industry will maintain stable growth, while facing opportunities and challenges such as transformation and upgrading, dislocation development, and industrial clusters.

According to the current situation of market development, it is conservatively estimated that in 2022-2027, the average annual compound growth rate of plastic products demand in China will be 6%, and by 2027, the demand for plastic products in China will be close to 12 million tons.

While basic application fields that meet the general needs of society maintain steady growth, high-end application fields are gradually expanding. The plastic products industry is still in the stage of rising development, and the transformation and upgrading are steadily advancing. The development trend of replacing steel with plastic and wood with plastic provides a broad market prospect for the development of plastic products industry.

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