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[Take you to know the use of Huabao functional masterbatch!]
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Take you to know the use of Huabiao functional masterbatch!

First, improve product performance

functional masterbatches can be added to various plastic products to give them better performance. For example, the masterbatch added with antioxidants can extend the service life of plastic products and reduce aging and deterioration; The masterbatch with toughening agent can increase the toughness and impact resistance of plastic products. The masterbatch adding heat resistant agent can improve the high temperature resistance of plastic products.

Second, protect product quality

functional masterbatches can also be used to protect the quality of the product. For example, the addition of antioxidants to the masterbatch of food packaging can extend the shelf life of food and reduce the phenomenon of food deterioration and decay; The addition of antibacterial masterbatches to the manufacture of medical devices can reduce the risk of infection; The addition of the masterbatch of antistatic agents in the manufacture of electronic products can prevent electrostatic interference with electronic components.

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