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[2024 plastic products industry in-depth research!]
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2024 plastic products industry in-depth research!

The plastic products industry is an important industrial field, involving all aspects of People's Daily life. In recent years, the development trend of the plastic products industry has shown some characteristics.

First, the scale of the plastic products industry continues to expand. With the increase in people's demand for plastics, the scale of the plastic products industry is expanding, and the output is increasing year by year. This is mainly due to the excellent performance of plastic products, light, corrosion resistance, easy processing and other characteristics, are widely used in construction, packaging, automotive, aerospace and many other fields.

Secondly, the technical level of the plastic products industry continues to improve. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the manufacturing technology of plastic products is also constantly improving, and new processing technologies and equipment continue to emerge, improving the quality and performance of plastic products

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