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[The impact of the plastics industry on the domestic economy!]
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The impact of the plastics industry on the domestic economy!

The plastic industry occupies a large position in the overall economic structure of our country, and through the optimization of the current layout and improvement of the structure of the plastic industry, it can play a greater role in promoting our economy. Specifically reflected in: first, plastic products have a large market space, the structure and particularity of the product determines its development prospects and huge demand.

By vigorously developing the plastics industry, China can rapidly improve its economic speed and indicators. Second, the plastics industry has the intention of nationwide coverage. Based on the status quo of Chinese plastic enterprises mainly distributed in the southeast coast, gradually building and expanding the scale of plastic enterprises in the whole province and all regions, can play a strong promoting effect on local economy and employment of talents, and play an important substantive role in consolidating the overall economic development of our country.

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