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[Plastic products industry chain!]
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Plastic products industry chain!

The upstream of the plastic products industry is mainly based on materials, auxiliary materials and related equipment. Including general plastics, engineering plastics, plastic auxiliaries, molds and plastic machinery, etc., the output scale, product price and product quality of the upstream industry have an important impact on the market development of plastic products.

From the current market point of view, the supply of domestic general plastics and engineering plastics is sufficient, which ensures the demand for the procurement of raw materials for plastic products. The downstream plastic products industry is mainly used in the construction industry, agriculture, medical and automotive fields, China is the world's largest construction market and automobile production and sales market, the in-depth development of urbanization construction and the improvement of car ownership, for the plastic products industry to create a considerable market capacity. In addition, China's transformation and upgrading in the agricultural and medical fields has provided considerable new space for the application of plastic products.

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