HB202-ABS/HIPS High Gloss Masterbatch
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  • HB202-ABS/HIPS High Gloss Masterbatch

    Product description

    HB202 consisting of ABS, HIPS flexibilizer binder, specialized dispersant and high gloss spherulite powder, is appropriate for ABS, HIPS resin and for all molding process, such as injection, molding ,extrusion molding, etc

    Application characters

    • High glossiness and toughness

    • Increasing heat distortion temperature

    • Good dispersion and excellent compatibility

    • Improving dimensional stability, reducing buckling deformation and post shrinkage deformation.

    • Shortening product molding cycle

    • Reducing material costs

    • It does not contain brightener and could be applied to products of all kinds of colors flexibly since it is easy to be colored

    • Conforming to environmental and sanitary requirements of EU ROHS directive


    • The recommended additive amount of HB202 is 10-20% but the concrete amount depends on product quality requirement and equipment and technological conditions

    Application area

    • It is appropriate for the injection & extrusion molding process is applied to fields of automobile , home appliance, packaging, profile, etc

    Technological condition

    •  The process does not change obviously in extrusion process

    •  The best injection temperature should be above 220℃ when employing HB202 and appropriate backpressure helps to improve the mixing and dispersing between HB202 and target resin

    HB601-HIPS Flexibilizer

    Product features

    • Type - high molecular weight butadiene terpolymer

    • Appearance- white irregular particles

    • Melt index(190℃, 50kg) - 21g/10min

    • Improving impact strength and tensile elongation at break of HIPS

    • Solving the product problem of poor toughness, brittle rupture, burst when playing screw

    • HIPS is improved in impact strength after adding HB601 and the improved HIPS could take the place of ABS outer parts for cost reduction

    • The glossiness of high glossy HIPS is not affected

    • Easy to be added and ratio could be adjusted flexibly to solve various of tensile problems Typical data for HIPS resin toughness enhancement


    Application area

    • It is widely used in injection products like HIPS toys, home appliances, daily necessities and so on.


    • The recommended additive amount is 5% and could be regulated according to the product toughness requirement while keeping between 3% and 10%.

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