ABS Antiflaming Masterbatch   HB119
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  •  HB119 ABS Antiflaming Masterbatch  

     HB119  ABS Antiflaming Masterbatch  Product Characteristics

    • Additive amount 25% in ABS;

    • Products with HB119 could reach antiflaming UL94-V0;

    • Environmentally friendly Br, Sb compound flame retardant system;

    • Good thermal stability, suitable for high temperature processing and available to be reprocessed;

    • ABS type is chosen according to product toughness requirement, for instance, ABS with high impact strength is chosen is meet the high impact requirement;

    • The ABS antiflaming masterbatch should be mixed with raw material and be stoven before putting into production;

    • It could be directly applied to injection molding as well as extrusion and less abrasion on the equipment screw.

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