HB114---PP Non-halogen Antiflaming Masterbatch
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  • HB114---PP Non-halogen Antiflaming Masterbatch

    HB114---PP Non-halogen Antiflaming Masterbatch Product Characteristics

    • Additive amount 45-50% in homopolymerized PP or copolymerized PP;

    • Product with HB114 could reach antiflaming effect UL94-V0;

    • Environmental protection non-halogen antiflaming with P and N as antiflaming element;

    • Acting by char-forming mechanism and expanding mechanism;

    • Product with HB114 could pass70℃×168 hours submerging test(UL746C);

    • Meeting the glow wire test demand GWIT 750℃ and GWFI960℃;

    • Products with HB114 is with many advantages like small in density, low in smoke, small corrosion on the mould and so on;

    • PP type is chosen according to the product toughness;

    • The additive amount in deep-colored products is larger than that in light-colored products;

    • It could be directly applied in injection molding and extrusion.

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