PP Hyper-transparent Masterbatch
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  • HB103C -PP Hyper-transparent Masterbatch Product features

    It could improve the transparency of homopolymerized PP and highly crystallized PP so much that the transparency could reach the level or even surpass the level of PP random copolymerization products

    Homopolymerized PP and highly crystallized PP could take the place of PC, PETG by adding HB103C in heat resistant and transparent occasions, thus reducing cost

    It is suitable for PP high heat resistance requirement and high transparency requirement products

    It is mainly applied to areas where the heat resistance temperature of PP random copolymetization is unable to realize.

    Conforming to FDA food hygienic standard and food packaging plasticizer safety regulation

    Eliminating density bubble generated in product molding process

    Uniform and standard particles convenient to be used with good dispersion

    HB103C -PP Hyper-transparent Masterbatch Application area

    It is applied in feeding-bottle, electric kettle, electric saucepan, cup, draft of home appliance, refrigerator, window, thermal forming of transparent sheet and so on


    Commonly the additive amount of HB103 master batch in injection products is 2-4%. The concrete additive amount depends on the product quality requirement and the condition of equipment and technology

    Technological conditions

    PP raw material could be used after blending with HB103 master batch

    The mould temperature of injection products should be lowered and kept at bout 30℃

    The injection products could achieve mirror effect if the mould surface is polished

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