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  • HB602-ABS Flexibilizer 

    Product features

    1、Type - high molecular weight butadiene terpolymer

    2、Appearance- white particles

    3、Improving impact strength and tensile elongation at break of ABS

    4、Solving the product problem of poor toughness, brittle rupture, burst when playing screw

    5、The glossiness of HIPS is not affected

    6、Easy to be added and ratio could be adjusted flexibly to solve various of tensile problems Typical data for ABS resin toughness enhancement


    (Remark- The data above is typical experiment value for reference only, true and correct and does not act as formal quality assurance commitment. )

    Application area

    It is widely used in injection and extrusion products like toys, home appliances, daily necessities, plate extrusion, sheet and so on.


    The recommended additive amount is 5% and could be regulated according to the product toughness requirement while keeping between 3% and 10%.

    Blending process

    Mix with ABS raw material and stir evenly with mixing equipment

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