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[How should the state re-issue the “plastic limit order” for plastics companies?]
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Promote the “plastic limit order” in the country in an orderly manner, support the development of private enterprises, and encourage enterprises to research and develop green degradable packaging. Actively promote recyclable and easily replaceable degradable substitute products, increase the supply of green products, standardize the recycling of plastic waste, establish and improve the management system of various links, and effectively and effectively control plastic pollution.

1. Actively respond to plastic pollution

2. Firmly establish a new development concept

The new development concept is the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing! It is the national policy, the national direction, and the basis for enterprise decision-making. Orderly prohibit and restrict the production, sale and use of some plastic products.

3. Actively promote recycling and recycling of degradable substitute products

Recyclable: Non-recyclable product design will be challenged and constrained, from the design of plastic raw materials and plastic products to the recyclable design.

Easy to recycle: It is the basis of plastic recycling. There is no recycling without recycling.

Degradable: It reflects the country's strategic choices for solving plastic waste problems, mainly recycling and recycling, and degradable as auxiliary.

4. Increase the supply of green products

Green products refer to the production process and its own energy-saving, water-saving, low-pollution, low-toxic, renewable, and recyclable products. It is also the ultimate embodiment of green technology applications. Green products can directly promote the transformation of people's consumption concepts and production methods. The main feature is to achieve environmental protection through market regulation. The public is buying fashion green products as a fashion, and promoting enterprises to produce green products as a way to obtain economic benefits.

5. Standardize the recycling of plastic waste

At the end of 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Standard Conditions for the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Plastics Industry”. At present, only 33 enterprises in the country have been audited. After the publication of this deep-reformed group document, it is expected that the application enterprises will increase substantially.

6. Establish and improve management systems for all links

All aspects, including production, circulation, consumption, waste, recycling, recycling, application, improve the management system of each link, clarify the environmental responsibility that each link needs to bear for plastic waste, and supervise this responsibility, is to completely solve the plastic pollutants The core of the problem.

7, effective and orderly effective treatment of plastic pollution

Harnessing pollution: The common challenge of mankind is that China can provide a Chinese solution for global plastic pollution control. Effective: The country must have an effective plan, the program itself is not important, and the important thing is to have an effect!

In addition, the meeting emphasized the need to support the development of private enterprises, ensure the equal use of production factors in accordance with the law of all forms of ownership, participate in market competition in an open and fair manner, and be equally protected by law, and promote the reform, innovation, transformation, upgrading and healthy development of private enterprises.

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