Huabiao plastic, high-efficiency organic antibacterial masterbatch - HB104F, home appliance antibacterial
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Medical research shows

The harmful effects of various harmful bacteria and viruses on the human body are the root causes of human diseases, and some bad living habits formed by people's daily lives, especially the complex living environment and conditions on which we depend, may be A variety of harmful bacteria and viruses provide conditions and opportunities for human infringement, thereby endangering people's health.

Household appliances are frequently used items in our daily lives. They free us from heavy, trivial and time-consuming housework, creating a more comfortable and beautiful living and working environment for us. It is modern. A necessity for family life.


After using the household appliance for a period of time, it will contaminate and breed a variety of microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria, which will adversely affect everyone's health.

With the increasing emphasis on the healthy environment, the safety and hygiene of plastic products has become a topic of concern, and antibacterial plastics have emerged.


Household appliances using antibacterial plastics can provide efficient, broad-spectrum, long-lasting antibacterial and bactericidal properties, maintain their own cleanliness, reduce cross-contamination due to use, and reduce the possibility of human exposure to germs from the root cause. Thereby ensuring the safety of consumers.


Let household appliances have antibacterial functions, what kind of mystery is antibacterial plastic?

Huabiao Plastic's high-efficiency organic antibacterial masterbatch - HB104F is developed for the antibacterial demand of plastic products. It is applied to plastic products to protect plastic polymers from bacteria, mold and algae. Provides an antibacterial effect on the plastic surface.


Efficient antibacterial properties

The high-efficiency organic antibacterial masterbatch - the antibacterial property of HB104F on bacteria is determined by the small inhibitory concentration, ie the MIC value, required by the antibacterial agent to hinder the growth and development of microorganisms. The smaller developmental inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the antibacterial component of HB104F:


Wide range of applications

Highly efficient organic antibacterial masterbatch - HB104F is widely used in home appliances (humidifiers, water dispensers), auto parts (cushion, gasket), shower curtain, fabric coating (raincoat, tent), household items (washing machine, refrigerator liner) , toiletries (toilet cover, water tank), building materials (wallpaper, flooring, sealant, caulking), antibacterial coatings and other fields;

HB104F is suitable for PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, polyurethane, silicone resin, polyester and other resins.

Huabiao plastic, high-efficiency organic antibacterial masterbatch - HB104F, long-lasting antibacterial, to meet healthy life!


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