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[2020 Development of Modified Plastics Industry]
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2020 Evaluation of the development potential of the modified plastics industry!

The modified plastics industry started late, and there is still a big gap in the level of production technology compared with developed countries. Moreover, the market share of modified plastics is relatively low. The global consumption of modified plastics accounts for an average of 20% of all plastics consumption, while my country's only 10%, which is far below the international average.

From the perspective of my country's economic development speed, the modified plastics industry has huge room for future development.  

With the continuous improvement of light weight requirements in various industries, the use of plastic instead of steel has provided a broad market space for the modified plastics industry.

The automobile industry is an important consumer market for modified plastics. With the continuous advancement of the new energy automobile market, the future high growth of modified plastics will continue. In emerging markets, drones, VR, robots and other industries are also important application markets for modified plastics in the future.

The superior comprehensive performance of modified plastics makes its downstream applications more and more extensive, and there is huge room for future development.

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