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[Huabiao Plastics Technology's high-performance and high-quality functional masterbatch will appear at the 2021 (16th) International Plastics Industry Summit on New Materials, New Processes, and New Equipment!]
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On December 9-11, 2021, the 2021 (sixteenth) International Plastics Industry New Materials, New Process, and New Equipment Industry Summit was grandly held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Nanguo Taoyuan, Nanhai District, Foshan City.

The summit will focus on the industry development direction of the plastics industry under the new situation, the market supply and demand status of high-tech products and innovative energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, the development trend of the plastic packaging industry at home and abroad, and national and local restrictions and prohibitions on the production of non-downgradable plastic products The impact and measures of sales and use on the plastics industry (film industry chain); related new equipment, material production, application exchanges, demonstrations and other dimensions, talk about the development direction of the industry, share cutting-edge thinking concepts, promote multi-industry linkage and co-creation The industry is ecologically prosperous.

01 Big coffee gathered to talk about development


Hundreds of elite representatives from the upstream and downstream industries of the plastics industry shared the event. There was a surging crowd in the venue. The new materials and new technical solutions shared by the experts were "a hundred flowers blooming", once again witnessing the industry's upward strength.



Mr. Zhang from Huabiao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City, attended the summit and participated in the theme discussion with colleagues in the industry.

Through communication with experts, scholars, and business partners, Huabiao Plastics also further understands market development trends and customer requirements under the new situation, so as to better provide customers with functional masterbatch solutions.


▲ Mr. Zhang of Huabiao Plastics attended the Lion Mountain Plastics Summit


Huabiao Plastics high-quality and high-performance film functional masterbatch appeared on the Lions Plastics Summit Proceedings

02 Huabiao Plastics, Lean Innovation

Huabiao Plastics has been deeply involved in the field of functional masterbatch, and has moved forward courageously in the journey of iterative innovation.

Huabiao Plastics actively introduces advanced production equipment, relying on its own technological advantages and production experience, independently innovates and develops and produces high-quality, high-performance film functional masterbatches, which are rich in variety and have high processability, which can meet packaging films and label films. , Protective film, release film, furniture film, architectural film, insulation film and other multi-product application requirements, to bring customers more convenient and efficient application experience and more intuitive economic benefits.


The International Plastics Industry Summit on New Materials, New Processes, and New Equipment provides an open, equal, and advanced communication platform for the plastics industry, where you can share new experiences, analyze new situations, and exchange new ideas, which will benefit everyone a lot. Encouraged.

In the future, Huabiao Plastics will continue to improve product functions, consolidate product technology, improve service quality, and unite with the entire industry, forge ahead, and contribute to the new future of the plastics industry!

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