HB102-Cap Tackifier
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  • HB102-Cap Tackifier Product features

    Decreasing PP, PE contraction (by 0.1-0.2), keeping the size of product relatively large

    Solving the problem that size of bottle cap of a certain kind of color is too small, thus resolving the technological problem in the process of beverage automatic filling.

    It could be used to adjust the size of bottle cap, to improve cap gas impermeability and then to improve safety and durability.

    It could be used to adjust the size of bottle cap in order to technically adjust the assembly tightness and torsion when open the cap between cap and bottle

    Improving beverage cap productivity sharply

    Increasing the heat resistance temperature of PP caps by 20℃ and of HDPE caps by 10℃

    No peculiar smell and conforming to FDA food contact material standard certification and GB9685 domestic food packaging material standard and plasticizer standard certification

    It could be applied to all kinds of PP & PE processing methods

    Improving product physical performances like toughness, rigidity, surface hardness, etc.

    Eliminating density bubble generated in transparent and semitransparent product molding process

    Improving the product overall quality and reducing the presence of defective products

    HB102-Cap Tackifier Physical property parameter

    Appearance-transparent particles

    Specific gravity-0.94g/cm3

    Melt index-20 g/cm3

    HB102-Cap Tackifier Application area

    PP, PE bottle cap compression molding and injection molding

    HB102-Cap Tackifier Dosage

    Additive amount of HB102 is 1-2%, but the concrete amount depends on product quality requirement and equipment and technological conditions.

    Blending process

    It is needed to be premixed in mixing equipment or added with metering device.

    Technological condition

    In cap compression molding process, the cap size would be relatively larger than that without HB102 when extrusion output remains the same, but the cap size could be adjusted to the

    same size with that without HB102 when increase the extrusion output. For other processing methods, no need to adjust the technology.

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