HB201-High Gloss Tackifier
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  • HB201-High Gloss Tackifier

    HB201-High Gloss Tackifier Product features

    • High gloss, high brightness

    • Improving dimensional stability and reducing warping deformation and shrinkage of products

    • Shortening the molding cycle and improving the molding efficiency of products

    • Improving the rigidity and surface hardness of products

    • Improving the impact strength

    • Increasing the thermal deformation temperature

    • The size of products could be adjusted by deploying the usage of HB201

    • It is easy to be colored and is able to be applied to the production of products in various colors

    • It conforms to the sanitary requirements and environmental protection requirements of ROHS directive

    HB201-High Gloss Tackifier Application area

    • It is applied to PE, PP plastics and is widely used in home appliance, sanitary ware, film, plate extrusion, sheet, etc.

    • Dosage and application technology

    • The suggested ratio of HB201 is 10-30%, and the concrete adding proportion is to be confirmed according to the requirement of product quality.

    • It should be mixed in the blender mixer with raw resin material according to the weight proportion. The advised injection temperature is 200-220℃

    • When HB201 is put into formal use for the first time, the toner formula should be adjusted and the dosage of titanium dioxide could be reduced if the product is in need of high opacity.

    • It is suggested that material should be added in small amount for many times or suction of automatic material machine should be turned up for fear of non-uniformity caused by small suction because part of HB201 would settle in hopper result from radical vibration or long-time vibration of injection machine during molding process which would lead to the non-uniform weight of products.

    • The injection speed should be reduced appropriately after adding HB201. For pure PP material molding, the surface quality could not reach the best effect. Generally there would be some gas mark or hard spot in some area, and the gas mark and hard spot would disappear as the injection speed gradually reduced. The injection speed is gradually reduced for multistage molding products.

    • The cooling time after melt stage could be relatively reduced on the premise of good dispersion since HB201 could accelerate cooling of products.

    • It is suggested that blowing-type hopper be adjusted at 80℃ to keep drying under relatively wet storage conditions.

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